40+ Economics Research Topics for an Outstanding Paper Assignment

The topic you choose for your research paper determines a lot about your writing experience. It affects the books you will read, the ideas you discuss, and the reception your paper gets upon submission. The idea is to select the best economics research topics that will capture the attention of your readers and earn you the best grade.

It is not every idea that comes to mind that will be fit to discuss in a paper. Some are too simplistic while others are beyond your grade. The best economics paper topic ideas come from passion and are relevant to your area of study. You need a specific topic that will set boundaries for your paper.

Generating hot topics in economics is not always easy for students. Most end up with the same old and mundane topics. It results in a boring paper that will not attract a good grade.

Where do you get these fresh economics paper topics ideas to discuss?

  • Research recommendations – authors and scholars include recommendations at the end of their research work. The recommendations point to areas that require more research, especially because the writer has identified information deficits. These recommendations become the source of simple research topics in economics. You will be sure of discussing a relevant topic because other authors have already identified the deficit.
  • An area you are passionate about – the best economic research paper topics come from passion. A subject that you are passionate about will be easier to research and write a strong paper about. Because of passion, you will deliver the most interesting paper to read.
  • Trending news – news outlets cover emerging issues in different areas. They include policies implemented, impact on the economy, and projections by the government as well as private bodies. Such an environment is the perfect source of researchable topics in economics. The topics are also fresh and relevant because they are making headlines.
  • Previous paper – have you written a paper in the lower grades and felt that you could have done more? It is time to revisit the idea and delve deeper into the discussion. New information could also have emerged, helping you to advance a point you might have addressed lightly.
  • Consult your tutor – your tutor will help you to choose the best topic for your paper. Tutors understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. He will guide you on the best chooses to make. Tutors will also help you to polish the idea you could be having but are not sure how to craft it.

Here are the best economic research paper topics ideas to consider for your next paper.

  1. Behavioral economics and the use of incentives
  2. Emerging markets and the impact of international aid
  3. Impact of multinational firms on growing economies
  4. Natural disaster recovery in Africa and Asian markets
  5. Globalization and influence on local entrepreneurship
  6. Energy market
  7. Solar power and catalyzing growth
  8. Economic development using game theory
  9. Market equilibrium and minimum wage
  10. How politics influences oil prices
  11. Small businesses in market economies
  12. Stabilizing global oil prices
  13. The contribution of immigrants to the American economy
  14. Globalization and economic inequality
  15. Political dishonesty and economic growth
  16. Debt and economic growth
  17. Increasing interest rates and economic growth in Africa
  18. The role of banks in the economy
  19. Inflation and how to bring it down
  20. Participation of businesses in politics
  21. Preventing monopolies and stifling growth
  22. Education on economics and its impact on developing economies
  23. Incentives for migration and development
  24. Industrialization of developing countries
  25. Social-economic development and gender inequality
  26. Taxation and economic growth
  27. Risk preferences in rural areas
  28. Behavioral finance and investment decision making
  29. Wealth and economic prosperity
  30. The global financial crisis in 2020
  31. The value of knowledge economy
  32. Overreactions at the stock markets
  33. Agribusiness and the value it gains through technology
  34. The water economy
  35. Economics sociology
  36. Climate change and financial derivatives
  37. Mergers and acquisitions in agribusiness
  38. A comparison of the American growth model and the Chinese growth model
  39. Cryptocurrency and the future of global financial control
  40. Technology and the structuring of international trade
  41. Raw materials and effects of extraction from the source countries
  42. International financing and infrastructure development

There are thousands of research paper topics to study in economics. It is up to you to choose a topic that appeals to your passion. Ensure that it is specific so that the reader has particular expectations from your writing. At the same time, the topic should be strong enough to count as a research paper. Choose a topic that you can easily support using the available academic materials. Above all, the best topic is informed by passion, enabling you to contribute to economic scholarship through your ideas.

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